Unspoken Words

Some nights.

We’ve been told in class that a person’s natural instinct when he is hurt is to stay away from what hurt him. Only martyrs stay. I stayed. I’m enduring for almost two years already but I found a new feeling. I found my safe place. Not something better but something where I know my heart could be in peace. I’ve misjudged a lot of people who found theirs and I’m in that position now. I will accept any judgement and will keep my ground. I will never escape the war but when I feel too fed up, I have a place where I can rest for a while and know that there are people ready to welcome me with open arms.


This night, my chest feels the exact same feelings a year and seven months ago. It’s trembling from fear and worry. It’s faltering and blaming itself, you shouldn’t have trusted and risked something fragile once again. I always think they will be worth it. They will not have the same fate. They will be holding better onto each other, better than what i witnessed before.

Bangtan, let’s stay stronger. Let’s hold onto each other and never give up. We will get through this stronger than before.

I cannot imagine myself with anyone anymore and it’s one of the best feelings I’ll ever have.

For future reference

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Did you know that the Board of Accountancy has an army of mean geniuses who are actively plotting to ensure you fail the…

Posted by Accountancy Problems on Friday, 10 July 2015

i said 2015 is the year for moving on… but just when i was trying to stand up, something else comes along to drag me down

It was another good bye. And everyone was waving with their own hands but she bid the last.

He was waving nonchalantly too. He bid the loudest for the last one he heard but out of all the bye’s he sent, that one tasted bad on his mouth.

i looked away, and didn’t see you look my way