by etherealwishes

new people came,
rushing in my life like a wave
never have i thought what they will bring
only unexpected feelings i thought was buried
i feel so brand new
yet my heart sinks
that the old people in my life will bring me such pain
but they were nothing i expected
another flower bloomed
the rainbow has revealed its beauty
they are a part of me now
somehow, the cracks were patched up
the walls were repainted with a new beginning
the posts were somehow stronger, better
the feeling is new and different
better after fixing yourself
i care so much what i look outside
because people see and judge from that
i wanted to let out what is inside so much
and show them my newly painted walls, my fixed locks
rather than the gates i've kept for so long
only to know they've rusted and is beyond repair
i want to welcome only those who will understand
that people change,
we want new furnitures,
we crave for bright colored walls,
that there could be a change of heart too
not because you wanted
but because you had too
or not because you are fickle
but because you needed too
my old sanctuary was beyond repair
i was too blind and martyr to see through it
now, a new cage was built
i seem to fit right easily
and i can't wait to settle in
and care about less what others might think