by etherealwishes

It had been a internal battle. I sleep at the earliest time of the night but no one knew how hard my midnights were. I fight myself to sleep only to feel the tears flowing down. Every time I go home, the silence sickens me. My ears can’t hear anything but the cry of a lonely girl who just wished for long-lasting friendships. And the hardest part? I had no one to talk to. I wanted to be invisible and just cry every single moment because I am weak like that. Everyone thinks so too. I was so weak and fragile that no one bothered asking me what was going on. No one bothered telling me that everything will be fine. You ask how I conquered it? I did not. I still feel it crushing every bit of my bones. I still taste betrayal at the tip of my tongue. I’ve mouthed it several times only to find that I haven’t really moved on. Yet, I’m staying. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I still believe in the promises spoken, the hugs exchanged. I still believe that eventually, they will fill the gaps between them while I tend to myself as well.