by etherealwishes

She misses him. She misses him like the moon misses the sun when it sets.

He’s preoccupied. He’s preoccupied with all things that is not her.

She stares. She stares at him like there’s no tomorrow.

He has a goal. He has a goal and he always keeps his eyes on that prize, eyes never faltering.

She smiles. She smiles at him like he’s the only reason she smiles.

He nods. He nods like she’s just another girl he met in the hallway.

She cries. She cries in the middle of the night, hoping it’ll to forget all of this.

He’s at peace. He’s peace at night, knowing he’s at arm length within his prize.

She avoids. She avoids his eyes just to know if he might look at her way.

He notices. He notices her but she’s looking at another guy.

She sighs. She sighs because it’s another sign, a sign that there’s really nothing.

He walks. He walks away with a sunken heart, not knowing the reason why.

She tries. She tries to forget him and go back to the normal pace of her life.

He wonders. He wonders if he’s been looking at the wrong prize all along.

She nods. She nods to him at the hallway, knowing these encounters are the only things she has will have with him.

He smiles. He smiles because he’s slowly realizing things.

She doesn’t notice. She doesn’t notice the new smile he gave her.

He tries. He tries to talk to her for the first time.

She thinks. She thinks this is how he talks to every other campus girl on a daily basis.

He scores. He thinks he did.

She hides. She hides all the pain under the smile.

He falls. He falls for her angelic smile.

She bids good bye. She bids good bye, thinking that might be the last.

He bids good bye. He bids good bye, thinking that it is only the start.