by etherealwishes

It’s always like this, wondering why I keep coming back to those times. Maybe it’s because I made good friends – the best, even. Or it could probably because I felt too many emotions at once – happy, confused, enthusiastic, melodramatic, or angry. But I was also thinking because you made me feel what I never felt before. You suddenly became a part of what I am today – something between satisfied and unsatiated, a little tweaked on the sides, fearful – all the time, despondent and very imperfect in many ways.

You were that someone that I’d dust off my shirt but you became the prettiest emblem on the box, very shiny and gold. Everyone gets to wear it but it’ll still be as pretty as it is. But that emblem won’t be here for long. It’ll loose its colors and eventually, I will stop using it but I will always remember how you became part of my days and brigthened up the dull ones.

I’m just this – very dull without you, and you’ll always be that – still very bright without me. I guess it’ll always be like this – me writing about you, you writing for another lady. We’ll always be like this – living in parallel worlds, always beside each other but never meeting halfway. I guess it’s always like this. It’ll always be like this.