Dream Relationship

by etherealwishes

I’m pretty much up for a random spur of the moment right now. I was thinking a lot lately about how I want my first relationship to be. It differs, depending on the person I like at the moment. And today, I was on my way home thinking if he‘d try, will I accept it? Will I risk for once? For him? I thought, yes, I probably could.

For all of the relationships I have imagined in the past, I always have a common phantasm on how it would be. You could call it cliché but I want a relationship that started with friendship. Yes, friends.

Growing up, I was that awkward potato everyone liked to call. I ease up at times but the tension is always there, deep in my veins and I wanted someone who’d make me feel comfortable. I want someone who’d console with me at my silly problems. Someone who would laugh with me at the lamest jokes they throw at the television. Someone who know me, from head to toe, even the back of my hand. I want that. And I really wish he’d be that. I wish his hands will perfectly fit mine. I wish he’d be that someone who I can lean on.

I hope he’ll try, maybe not now, but someday because really, I’ll give him a shot.

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