by etherealwishes

2:01 pm, June 27, 2014, Friday. Current State: Bedridden

I am currently sitting up in the lower bunk of the double deck, which is my sister’s bed, because I
don’t think I can manage to go up and down my own bed. Why am I bedridden? Maybe I should narrate what

I woke up early today. Maybe about 6:30 am, I think? My class starts on 9:30 am but our finance
professor wants us 5 minutes early before her official time so my blockmates can continue their report.
Well, I did the usual. I opened my phone, listened to EXO’s rendition of “I Like, I like” and I got off
from bed immediately after the song. I was smiling. I ate my breakfast. I brushed my teeth. I took a
bath while listening to music. I dressed up. I wore my skirt today instead. I fixed my things, looked
for my eye glasses and wore my shoes. I was thinking about how my day is going to be. I was thinking
about my crush, who apparently also had a crush on me. (I knew this last night, from a “friendly”
course mate.) I was extra talkative to my mom again. I rode the fx to FCM and found out that I arrived
to early to catch my friends in the meeting place so I decided to buy my new fetish, which is
Jollibee’s hot chocolate. I went back to the meeting place and finally caught up with one of my friends
. We rode the tricycle and of course, I was the one who always volunteers to be at the back seat.


What really happened:

Again, I was imagining fluffy things about seeing my crush today while I was at the backride. Yet my
thoughts seem to shift from him to why the tricycle drivers always wanted to pass at Mapayapa Village
but still goes straight to pass the really long road to our school. And then, there’s an unanticipated
clash. I fell, I held onto the tricycle back seat handle, and I stood up. I was sent to the emergency
after about ten minutes. The nurses and doctors seem to find nothing serious but my silent tears
welling down my eyes. I was sent to my own bed after five minutes and I was asked to lie down. They
asked if they can check the bruises and told words such as abrasion, x-ray, anti-tetano, and other
medical jargons that an accountancy student like me can’t seem to explain.

What I saw:

Again, I was imagining fluffy things about seeing my crush today while I was at the backride. Yet my
thoughts seem to shift from him to why the tricycle drivers always wanted to pass at Mapayapa Village
but still goes straight to pass the really long road to our school. And then, there’s an unanticipated
clash. I fell, I held onto the tricycle back seat handle, and I stood up. I heard my friends shouting
my name from inside the vehicle. Shalli went out and shouted my name, almost crying. My two other
friends, Pia and Lhen followed afterwards, looking as shocked, scared and worried like Shalli. The
driver looked the same as well. They helped me stood up. The bystanders gave me a chair to sit on. Two
men, one slightly old looking and the other one looking like on his fresh 20 years. They told me not to
panic. I wasn’t crying. I was confused. I looked at my bruises and found that I have a really big one
on my left leg and two on my right leg. My friends were crying, asking each other if they have
electronic load. I offered my bag and told them I still have a last balance and they should use it to
contact Jin, my other friend. The three of them were getting mad at the people, seemed too shocked to
realize how they were shouting while I was still dazed, asking myself how this happened. The men
applied first aid. They placed a long wood beside my leg and kept it in place using two
handkerchieves.After making sure that I don’t seem to have an injured leg, they removed it. Now, I’m
wondering if I ever thanked them?

My friends went with me to the hospital. I was crying already. I was asked to sit on a wheel chair.
They checked my blood pressure and my heart beat. All are calmed down, except for me and my friends.
When I was sent to my bed, the doctors checked my bruises and the man, probably new on the medical
scene, was listing down everything. The doctor asked me if I was fine, I said yes, probably. He was
jokingly looking at the good-looking man beside him. Does he think I would fall for a pretty face at a
time like this?

Pia: She was with me inside the tricycle to the emergency. She was with me while they were checking my
vital signs. She was with me the first time I was sent to my bed. She was there beside me. How can I
not notice that she was always there with me even way before? She’s not that close to me. We talk a lot
when we are with the group but when we’re alone, we tend to loose things to talk about, often shifting
to an awkward mood. I always wanted to be closer, but we just seemed to distant. Now, I don’t think
distance matters that much.

Lhen: She was the first one to cry. My friend who is always the first one to cry. I always liked her. I
liked her personality, such pretty personality. She fought for me during the incident. I always admired
her strong side but now, I admire her more.

Shalli: She was the first one who shouted my name. She was the first one I saw with the unpaintable
face. She is usually quiet, the one who doesn’t fight back, one of the weak-hearted in the group. But
she fought as well, said words she couldn’t say for herself. I talk to her a lot with what my friends
deemed as our own jargon, kpop but today, she spoke as if she felt the pain more than me.

Ina: Last wednesday, I saw her crying. I couldn’t do anything. I thought she’d think I’m offending but
today, she went to see me. She probably went along. She went to me looking so worried and almost about
to cry. I always liked her. She’s a nice friend, yet too distant. But today, she asked me if they can
see hemorhage in the x-ray. I told her I don’t know. I was smiling. I don’t want them to worry too
much. She told me that I am annoying. Why am I crying at a time like this? I was worried. They told me
you were in an accident so I went here. But you are smiling at me like nothing happened. I couldn’t
answer. I am smiling because happiness is taking over the pain I am feeling.

Jane: Ditched her last class for me. #Nuffsaid

Cha & Avic: These two. Always together. They also went to see me. They couldn’t come in because the
hospital only allows one chaperon per patient. But knowing that they are waiting outside just to see a
glimpse of how I am, it’s more than enough. They are more than enough. Seeing them together, waiting
for me is one of the most touching moment, doubled.

Kuya Sec: He wasn’t there. But I felt his presence. He is one of the most thoughtful people I ever came
across with. He does things for others without asking for something in return. Once I see him, I want
to tell him how thankful I was to have someone in my life.

DC: The only guy who went. Been mistaken as my brother and boyfriend, how nice. He asked me if I was
fine. So cliche. I know he can’t say a lot of words but he sure is worried. Just the fact that he
ditched our classes just to see how I was is worth the unsaid words. He sure is not my brother in blood
but he’d be the next in line for the prospective brother-to-be.

Jin: Always the calmest one. The person whom I seek advice to. She’s probably my favorite yet I think
all the other girls are my favorite as well. She didn’t even take a step to the school gates today. She
went straight to the hospital and talked to my mom to tell me how I was in the calmest way she can.
She was the second who went with me in the bed. Waited for me while the doctors were doing x-ray on me.
We always need a calm one in the group, don’t we? She told me not to think of the incident. Not to
worry. She patted my head like I was the younger one. She told me not to cry. Someday. I wish I can do
something this big for her as well.

God: The One I know who is always by my side. He saved me. If He wasn’t there, I’m probably not writing
this now. Lord, I’d thank you everyday for another day you have saved me. Thank you.