The ice of my April

by etherealwishes

Four years ago, April 12 was just one of the hot days of summer I dreaded so much. I don’t like the heat. I don’t like summer either. I love the breezy days of January so much. Now, there have not been big differences. I still look forward to the cold air of the new year. I still like the days people call “sweater weather”. I still anticipate the cold breeze that creeps into my skin during the cold days. Unsurprisingly, 2012 kicked in and I still did what I always do but I started to like April. April is the time of sweat, heat, and nothing but perspiration. I started to appreciate what I feel on the days of April. April has been attached to me.

What? When? Where? How? Who could be the reason? No. It’s definitely not because it’s vacation. Maybe because of a certain someone? Someone who I started thinking about. Someone who I watched closely all the time. Someone who is the total opposite of the prickling heat summer gives me.

He is cold. Cold expressions. Cold eyes. Cold movements. But is being cold bad? No. I loved coldness. I still love it. It makes me feel better. But what is the best part about being cold? Because at one point in time, the coldness is going to creep out of your skin and it will bring warmth, it will bring heat. His cold eyes will sparkle with enthusiam, just like a fire’s heat. His cold expressions will transform into the greatest emotions that not even the best painter can paint.

He is cold. Oh Sehun is cold. But Oh Sehun is warmer than fire. His passion is greater than the blue flame.

Happy 21st Birthday Sehun! 사랑해! 我爱你!