by etherealwishes

If I die, will people cry for me? WIll they feel sad? Or will they just be shaken by the fact that, wow she’s deadIt’s bizarre, they’re going to say. Not because I am significant. But because they are used to seeing me and it just feels scary that one of the people you know is already dead.

It’s sad because I tried to be the tiniest being just to fit into people’s lives. They wouldn’t remember me as someone who tries hard. But they’ll remember me as the damsel who knew nothing but to let people fall.

It’s sad because I’m hardly anyone’s best friend, hero, crush or even someone slightly significant. I’m not even a potential it. I’m the stagnant water that people use when they have nothing left to shower themselves or wash their hands. I’m the non-selling dish on the menu that will soon be removed from the list. I’m the t-shirt in your closet that you never want to wear. I’m not even one of the options.

It’s sad that well, I’m being me and people are being themselves too.