People in their own spectrum

by etherealwishes

I love how colors fit people perfectly. This one friend of mine, she totally suits white. Not because she’s the fairest person I ever knew but because of how she chosen her life path to be. I knew her when I was twelve. She was asking for a hair clip. Who would have known we will still be friends until now? But that’s not it. She is angel-like and very friendly. She could’ve have been the perfect friend but not until she had mixes of red. She discovered love. I couldn’t blame her. She thought love wass the most ideal intangible thing in this world. I couldn’t tell her that it’s supposed to be happiness. She was blinded by every spectrum of red, to the point she was uncontrollable. I was sad and truly taken aback, when she asked me to lie to her mom for a kickback. I don’t know what kickback meant, I just know it’s really bad and she’s telling me to lie in front of her mother. I thought it was red that she found, it was actually black.

I see black in my childhood friend. Not the bad kind of black, or I could probably say that too. She refused to believe there is hope and drowns herself into the suffocating darkness as much as possible. I want to paint her in different shades but she won’t just budge. I can’t see any glimpse of the colors I tried to paint on her. If I can’t help her, I hope she sees light on her way eventually.

If people were colors, I think I would be transparent. It’s not actually a good thing. I see through colors I shouldn’t see. I can perceive the pain I shouldn’t be feeling. I became a passage and it’s hard because I couldn’t stop anyone from penetrating their rays. But still, i try. I try to give a brighter color in me because I’ve seen people at their worst and I’ve seen myself painted in murky colours too. I know that after each night, there will be sunshine to make me see things in a brighter way and I want it just that way even on the darkest times.