what is love?

by etherealwishes

What is love? I’ve heard this very cliché line that it already creates friction in my ears, yet I still ponder what it really is, for me at least.

To me, love really starts when you start seeing things that you haven’t seen before. You might think you already fell in love with a bud, but then you are wrong. You just liked the mere bud or probably just infatuated by it. You think it’s the loveliest thing in the world but then it starts to open and apparently, it bloomed into your most hated color and smelled like corpse. You started thinking otherwise and well, stopped loving it — if you actually loved it in the first place. But love is the other way around. It might be the silliest color or stinkiest kind but still, you admired it like it’s the prettiest thing in the world because for you, it is. Not even a rose in your favorite color can compare to it because nothing can hide the fact that you love it.

For me, love starts when you start seeing other’s imperfections but you still love them anyway because you accept them for what they are. You turn these imperfections into the list of more beautiful things to admire and thank for each day. These small stains are nothing but stains and a black spot is nothing but a mere spot because that’s how you see it, that’s just the way it is. You love them not because you want them to change for you or because they are perfect but you love them because they are what they are and you are ready and will always be ready to take them willingly.

Love is willingness and acceptance. Love is seeing beyond imperfections.