Do I have what it takes to be who I really am?

by etherealwishes

I lost the touch. I lost the enthusiasm. I lost the motivation. Perhaps, I lost everything.

Nothing became the reason to push through and show people what flesh I have for dancing, singing. People seemed to neglect what I have shown before and they’ve decided to bury those accomplishments to the deepest chest in their heads. They became thirsty for new, fresh faces, the faces that seem to fit everything. Not mine, which seemed too cliché, too lame, insipid. Just too mainstream to look out with excited eyes.

People get tired. I got tired. So instead, I tried to fit in with what I really find vapid, stale, because maybe, just maybe, I won’t be too tedious to go unnoticed. I won’t be too ordinary for anyone’s liking. Maybe, they will start liking me, albeit for not who I am.