Crushes—and reasons why you should never let them crush you

by etherealwishes

Nice face. Cute height. Powdery white skin.

Practically the first boy I noticed in college.

He walked past me and went to a seat, far in the back and from then on, he caught my interest. And on that very first day, I got a closer encounter with him.

“Hi” I was trying to flirt. But I heard no response. That’s when I decided not to approach him first ever.


This one was being overly-too-friendly.

Throwing mixed signals everywhere.

Sends good night messages and calls me nicknames.

I got into funny, not-so-personal conversations with him but guess what, he has someone special back in his mind.


Really, really cute. Best skin color. And not to mention, a very lovely smile.

I saw him once with a bunch of dance crew people but never saw him dance. Not even once.

It’s nice admiring from afar and I guess that’s the nearest I can go.


He stands out in the crowd. 

Well, I first saw him while answering to the question, “Why do scientists have their hair stuck in all places and directions?” 

And I thought he looks attractive just by standing there. And his answer was very quirky, which sent me into laughing fits.

But the climax-fact, he is a part of a not-so-socially-accepted group. That turned me off.


Fluffy hair. Charming smile. Intelligent. Handsome. Beautiful. Whoops! Almost ‘it’.

Biggest problem? He doesn’t like girls.


Sweat. Sweat everywhere.

Shaky hands while trying to point out something to help us catch up with the new lesson.

Obviously, an upperclassman. And I practically spent 1/3 of my day speaking to him.

He has nice curls and very pretty hazel brown eyes. I wished I had them, or even owned them.

But all my friends like him and I’d rather not have those eyes than share it with a bunch of people.


Best friend? Nah.

He gave me my first bouquet, first last dance, first hug emoticon and reminds me of exactly two songs.

I abhorred him after he said nasty words at my friend and threw my bag even though people told me he had nice intentions on why he did that.

My classmate told me he is her dream guy and I exclaimed that she is disillusioned. And guess who’s the idiot now? me.