How he took my breathe away

by etherealwishes

It was a chilly Saturday night when I first saw him. He has a mannequin-like feature, as if a lay of finger would dismember his untainted skin. He doesn’t smile a lot but if he does, everything falls apart and you would just want to drown in those feelings forever. His hips sung freely as he bounced to a song that he dances a lot, It wasn’t a close encounter, but that moment felt like a second as I went back to my seat after the performance.

The moment felt bizarre and surreal. The dome filled with yelling fans felt silent for a minute. I see his jaw-dropping face on my personal computer on a daily basis but I just realized, after the performance, that he was actually laid in front of my eyes. His silver hair and body clad in a blue tuxedo and red slacks took my eyes. His eyes turn into crescents every time a tinge of smile forms in his tiny tips. But what I liked the most about him is his genuine acts. He rolls his eyes when he’s bored, completely forgetting that he is on stage, performing for the fans. Such character amuses me, for he shows that the lime lights doesn’t change him.

Surely, he wouldn’t even be a step close to me but I hope, I get someone not too far from him.