What brought the feelings?

by etherealwishes

You like him. Yes, I think you do. No one knows yet. But I guess you know that I know now. It was not anything of fairy tale-like, neither a dreamy one. It was an instant feeling, not at first sight, but because of a pretty close interaction. Never did you expect to be in his car. Well, you were not alone with him. In fact, you were with a group of friends, making jokes, sharing hearty laughs. But you only hear one laughter, and it’s his. He shuffles his playlist and it started playing lovely tunes. You surely heard it before but that was the only moment it made your heart flutter. As he stirs his hands on the stirring wheel, you stare. What lovely small hands he has! It fits his not-so-perfect but adorable height. He glanced several times at the rear view mirror, hoping his eyes land on you, but you know it’s directed to the car behind. You stay silent, not hearing the jokes but wondering what brought the feelings. You stare at him from behind the shotgun seat and wonder if he really likes you. And you ask yourself, do you really like him or just the attention you thought was being given to you?